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Thermodo: A Tiny Plug-in Thermometer for Your Phone

It’s not often I want to know what the exact temperature it is – but if I ever do, I found a solution. The answer is a tiny little sensor you plug into your device called a Thermodo.

The Thermodo is a hardware add-on you can purchase for your iOS or Android OS based mobile device, that plugs into the headphone port. This little device will measure the external temperature and display its calculations on your screen. The developers built the Thermodo to be accurate down to one-tenth of a degree (72.3F).

When not in use, you can either leave the device on your phone, or simply click it into the provided keychain attachment. By attaching the Thermodo to a keychain, you will usually not be far from it, adding some convenience to finding and using the device.

Due to the temperature your device gives off, your readings may be slightly warmer. This is due to the limited distance between the Thermodo and your device. But, no worries temperature freaks, the developers have allowed you to plug-in a simple 4-pole cable to allow you to move the Thermodo away from your device. By using this cable, you will minimize other sources of temperature change from being near the device, for the most accurate reading.

If you do not own a 4-pole cable, the developers have added a “compensate for device heat” option that will automatically sense the device heat, and make adequate calculations to the displayed temperature. This is useful when the Thermodo is plugged right into your device, and will usually supply fairly accurate temperature data.

For added flexibility, you can choose the temperature to be displayed as Fahrenheit or Celsius in the app settings.

This neat product was funded on Kickstarter in March, 2013 – with support from 8,776 backers. Since then, the company responsible for the product, Robocat, has released two version of this device.

The Thermodo is available for purchase, and is offered in two styles. The first, most popular style, is a version that comes in three colors – black, red, and white, and is made out of aluminum. This version of the Thermodo is only $29.99. The other option is a more rugged and durable anodized aluminum model, similar to the look and feel of an Apple Macbook Pro. This version of the Thermodo is available for $44.99.

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